Shantell’s Just Until, HERoes, & My New Direction

"Babe, I'm hungry." "It doesn't matter where we go, as long as I get something to eat." I say to my Shnuggah as we cross southern borders into Sanford, Florida. At this point, my anti chain food spots normally, but I'm hungry af now self, says "(insert any normal chain restaurant near Target) looks bomb. … Continue reading Shantell’s Just Until, HERoes, & My New Direction

Show them Who you are: Black Panther and the Importance of Identity

First of all, Wakanda forever. If you have not seen Black Panther, I highly suggest you do. I'm actually not quite sure what you are waiting for. Its lit AF. And in true artistic fashion this film has surged a spirit of celebrating and praising Blackness and Black womanhood--my two favorite things. With that, I … Continue reading Show them Who you are: Black Panther and the Importance of Identity

Should we slide through his cellular device or nah?

So, if I am crazy, it is only a wall used to protect the heart I used all of my remaining strength to put back together after it was broken. Despite all of the pain I have endured and the strength I have accumulated throughout these experiences, I----we, still have the courage to  love again. And we do. This time with an arsenal. However, all battle materials are not necessary. 

The bottom line is you get no where without a spiritual practice.

I thought I had jumped over the lack of motivation hurdle until fatigue, napping, poor eating habits, confusion, and negativity blew the whistle during my race. Then, I realized, I was off my game because I had not been adhering to a spiritual practice.

Say: I’m Everything.

I was having a conversation with one of my girlfriends about the nuances, facets, and implications of dating in this era. I cannot seem to get away from these heartfelt conversations, but I'm not mad because they fill be with vigor and vitality. For example, after this conversation with my friend, I was left with the personal affirmation: "I'm Everything."