5 Lessons My Natural Hair Journey Taught Me

Natural hair--the process of growing, keeping it healthy, enjoying it--I find to be one of the most daunting yet special experiences. Growing up, my hair was relaxed and lived at a decent length, but like most young black women over relaxing my hair caused it to become damaged. During my last year of college, I … Continue reading 5 Lessons My Natural Hair Journey Taught Me

Journaling 101

Aye what it is. What's up. *Cues bed frame squeaks* Nonetheless, I hope you are feeling okay today. I am. I'm hoping all this good feeling can transfer throughout your entire week..month..year..but I digress. So, journaling. What is it? Everyone is talking about it. But what does it really mean? In the time of self-love … Continue reading Journaling 101

6 things you should know about Therapy from a Black Girl’s Perspective

Us, young fly free millennial Black folk see a need for healing in a way our parents and grand parents may not understand. The way I see it; in addition to being the products of triumphant, resilient, ambitions, hard-working, out-going, intelligent, and gorgeous brown people,  we are also the products of generations of negative mental, physical, and sometimes spiritual abuse and habits that must be broken for the sake of posterity. I recognize the cyclical nature in my own family, and I intend to create a new ebb and flow. And, I will do so, even if it means going against the grain and seeking therapeutic counseling. The church is just not enough for me any more. 

Loving me: Let me explain

Chile, I be busy lovin me Like I love spring breezes and honey suckle under shaded tree like popsicles on warm sunny days and bicycle splashes when I play like bees are too busy to sting and birds be chirpin high up in the trees I just be busy lovin me like the  last bite … Continue reading Loving me: Let me explain