A “Little” Review

Soooo, I went to see "Little" on Friday. I laughed. I cried (twice I'm a wiener.). I left thinking. Overall, the movie was quite enjoyable. With Issa Rae, Regina Hall, the makers of "Girls Trip", and the young G Marsai Martin, how can one possibly go wrong? Nonetheless, the movie caused me to ponder on … Continue reading A “Little” Review

Not Happiness. No to Pain: How Decision Making Led me to a Better Life

The issue with depending on things happening is shit may never happen. My hair may never grow. I may never get a man. I may never like my big toe. I may never get over how my father/mother/aunt/colonel Sanders was never there. Despite the hold for these happenstances, life still goes on, and so we must choose to have inner peace, joy, and security within ourselves.

Guide to a Healthy Relationship: Be sure to Run a Spiritual Background Check

We have "instantcheckmate.com", truthfinder.com, backgroundcheck.com etc. etc.  We have our faithful group of homegirls who could moonlight as private investigators because all you have to do is mention bruh name, and they will identify a minimum of three of his last girlfriends, his occupation, income, frat, previous GPA, credit score, and damn near his social security number in less than two hours. We ourselves have all of those good ole social media sites to investigate the quality of potential partners. But, we do not have any application that will help us evaluate the spiritual quality of potential mates. No. No. We have to learn to run those spiritual background checks ourselves before embarking on serious partnerships.

6 things you should know about Therapy from a Black Girl’s Perspective

Us, young fly free millennial Black folk see a need for healing in a way our parents and grand parents may not understand. The way I see it; in addition to being the products of triumphant, resilient, ambitions, hard-working, out-going, intelligent, and gorgeous brown people,  we are also the products of generations of negative mental, physical, and sometimes spiritual abuse and habits that must be broken for the sake of posterity. I recognize the cyclical nature in my own family, and I intend to create a new ebb and flow. And, I will do so, even if it means going against the grain and seeking therapeutic counseling. The church is just not enough for me any more. 

Growing and Becoming in Love

First, In my single-hood, I was doing everything by myself. That reality, I did not hate. I actually enjoyed the freedom of doing things on my own and being able to say, "I accomplished this and that all by myself." Sadly, I had, in some capacities, become jaded, for the idea of togetherness became foreign to me. While learning to mesh with my new partner, I had to unlearn many of my I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-NT (do you know what that mean man) tendencies because I now have a man who did not want to use me, but wished to work together to make magic happen. Initially, this task was difficult, but now I am learning to loosen my control, and have faith in the partnership. I find we get a lot more done as a unit, than as individuals.