5 Ways to Let Life Flow: How to Not Miss your Blessings

I used to be the queen of stress and anxiety. "What if?" "They might not like it if..." " I hope they don't get offended" and "but, how do I know this is right." "What will I do if?" And my personal favorite, "I'm not there yets." Or the "What am I supposed to be doings?" Thank God for Jesus, because after some time of reflection and retreat, I've learned to let go of that unnecessary anxiety and learned to let life flow. If you're like me, this post will be helpful to you. Scroll on.

5 Ways to Live a Happy and Full Life

Everyone wants to achieve a happy and full life. I mean it's apparent in the moves we attempt to make and the ways we seek to feel happy and good about ourselves. But I've been thinking about this concept of living a happy and full life. What does it actually mean? How does one actually achieve a level of happiness and fullness. Well, I've done a little research and I've done a little digging, so below I share the definition of a happy and full life as well as 5 ways to get there.

Deadhead the Flowers of Your Dreams: How to Replace Poor Habits with Healthy Habits

However, if there are old habits in play that discourages bloom and growth, the bomb whatever you please will be very short lived. And its a shame, because you--I--we deserve to bloom all year long.