How I Balance Relationships and Goal Getting

I used to be resistant to the idea of being in a long-term, committed, and deep relationship. Why? Basically, my old mindset convinced me if I was in a relationship it would deter and distract me from accomplishing my goals and dreams. Now, however, I realize balancing the intimate relationships that come with life are … Continue reading How I Balance Relationships and Goal Getting

Deadhead the Flowers of Your Dreams: How to Replace Poor Habits with Healthy Habits

However, if there are old habits in play that discourages bloom and growth, the bomb whatever you please will be very short lived. And its a shame, because you--I--we deserve to bloom all year long.

How to Work With What You Got

I work my butt off 24/7, and I have not secured any bags [yet].  In this season of my life I have learned how to downward dog and forward fold a dollar so far, my bills have become more limber than my own self. My wardrobe is limited. Roasted Chicken Ramon Noodles is a new favorite. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are an art form.  Any time I get a meal, I don't dare think about disrespecting God--s/he gone get this praise, and I'll look at your funny if you dare sit across from me and don't give the Lord the glory because meals are hard to come by witcho rude ass. I was so grateful when my Momma blessed me with some work shoes for Christmas, you would have thought I was 12. If you ask me out, I'm going to consult my gas tank first, then I'll hit you back. Yet and still, I consider myself fine af, fly af, and still making boss moves.  The secret is: I work with what I got.