Hey, ya’ll, hey 

Let’s see I’m a petite Black writer & educator of classic appeal and personality sharing stories of inspiration, and experiences of love, life, and faith as I evolve, self-improve, and voyage towards my dreams.

Classic: n.

1. a work of enduring excellence
2. of perennial interest, quality, or style


On this blog I’ll talk about—

  • Faith— Experiences of God, spirituality and worship as I toil towards getting my life together
  • Health & Beauty— How I stay snatched….
  • HERstory—  stories of powerful women in our communities with hopes they will inspire you.
  • Inspiration & Dream Catching— testimonies of instances as I journey towards my dreams & overcome hurdles
  • Lifestyle & Hacks— Day to day survival and thriving tips
  • Love & Relationships— views on relationship, love, & self-love as I try to love despite the fact I’ve been hurt and its hard
  • Mommy-ing–day to day mommy-hood from pregnancy & beyond

Fun Facts about ya girl—

  • I like smells…yes smells
  • I’m a teacher. I teach Secondary English courses. 
  • Flat soda is the best
  • I perform poetry & other creative works 
  • I’m 4’10 and a half & I bite
  • twerking in the mirror is both aesthetically pleasing & cardio if you ask me
  • I used to be addicted to cheeseburgers
  • I curse like a sailor on a good day
  • I host purpose & faith based events/workshops for women
  • me and God nappin




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