the flow of letting go

Releasing can be such sweet sorrow but ,O, the ways i will be better tomorrow. unmoved by the song and ceasing to dance along to the wave that confused yet has failed to produce Releasing has caused an outpour of tears that now allow my fears to be relinquished along with hopes of  passed futures and the … Continue reading the flow of letting go

Loving me: Let me explain

Chile, I be busy lovin me Like I love spring breezes and honey suckle under shaded tree like popsicles on warm sunny days and bicycle splashes when I play like bees are too busy to sting and birds be chirpin high up in the trees I just be busy lovin me like the  last bite … Continue reading Loving me: Let me explain

Goddess to Queen

Well, Queen, I’ll tell you life for me aint been no crystal stair It's been made of earth Solid muddy waters natural disasters, winters and beautiful springs I carried crates of unnecessary worry up the pasture I’ve planted flowers along the way sometimes I planted beautiful orchids sometimes plucked ethereal  fly traps after, many failed … Continue reading Goddess to Queen

OG (According to Proverbs 31) I’m the muthafuckin OG the original Goddess and master of the sea I’m the mind molder peripheral engager and lion tamer I turn boys into men men into kings kings into Gods and ruler of the supreme I’m the muthafuckin time stopper shape shifter and baby maker The prototype and limelight the outline and … Continue reading OG (According to Proverbs 31)