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Get What you Want in 3 Easy Steps–(TIPS & Hacks)

It’s muthalovin 2019 in this bitch. It’s time to turn up. It’s time to rise up. It’s time to go hard toward your dreams. At least that’s what I’ve been preaching to myself. We always have resolutions and goals coming into the new year, but its imperative we keep the momentum we begin with throughout the entire year. I think I’ve coded a formula that will get us goal getting, spiritual gangsta, boss ladies in training seeing what we want by the end of the year. So here goes!

Get– verb| come to have or hold (something); receive.

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All my life I had to fight. I had to fight these ni***s. I had to fight my studies. I had to fight my bank account. I had to fight negative spirits that lurk and attempt to keep me complacent. But eff all that in 2019. Because she, and I declare by the blood of the lamb, will see some fruit. All of this confidence, however, is not without recourse. Before the new year began, I meditated on what actual mental changes I should make. I prayed God would direct my path and lead me into the right direction with ease. After all, living for his/her purpose is the ultimate goal. What came in my mediation are the following steps.

1. Set my intention, 2. Toil, 3. Have faith.

Break it down, B:

Now all of you who has followed this blog and my journey know that I have wavered in my faith and my path. Procrastination has also tried me like a chump, but-but-but this word–in this space– was different because in my journalling and praying it came to me that setting my intention, toiling, and having faith are actually multifaceted. In the past, I had only been checking those boxes on the surface level.

Step 1: Set your intention.

Setting your intention works in the following ways. First, it is what we know intention setting to be. It requires you to write down, or establish some sort of demarcation to solidify what you aim to do. That’s cute, but another level came to me. On the other hand, setting your intention is establishing the Godly, moral, or ethical reason, or purpose for your aim/ goal (Matthew 6:33). For instance, I aim to be a best selling author, performing poet, and eventually a talk show host on a nationally, shiii, internationally syndicated network/show. On the other hand, the Godly purpose for my dream is to inspire people to draw closer to the kingdom of God in such a way that is not shrouded by the veil of hard core religion. The Godly purpose, however, is the gas that fuels the car driving toward my dreams. We simply can’t exist or move toward something without that fuel. Plus, our dreams and aims are much better when they serve a greater purpose.

Step 2: Toil

That part.

Yea..we have to work for it. I’m not mad at a little bit of elbow grease, however, and I’m definitely digressing here, toiling seems hopeless when you don’t see fruit right away. Also procrastination is a monster, but we will overcome that Goliath in 2019. Sha na na.

Anyway, toiling is also two-fold. On one hand, toiling is the work we know to do. Work such as: working on our craft, showing up for opportunities, networking, or any physical labor required to get us get closer to our dreams. On the other hand, toiling is also, per my meditations, the spiritual disciplinary work we must do in order to also, fuel our work. For example, my aim is to inspire folk, but I cannot inspire folk if I am not inspired. My inner God glow won’t shine, if I am not spending time with God, meditating, spending time in nature, or reading my bible, or whatever spiritual or inner work I, or you must do to remain rooted in who we are and of what we are made of. Once again, it is that work that fuels the actual labor needed to get us closer to our dreams and purposes.

Step 3: Have faith

Whoooooooo! We know having faith is not easy. Yes. I know. We will continuously work on that. However, in order to get anywhere— Shii even getting to and through the white man’s job to our dream life. We have to have faith in God, ourselves, and our own abilities. We must simply faith it till we make it. Believe it until we can see it–along with having intention and toiling. I said all that to say, know what & why, work for it on all levels, and keep faith. You got this sis!

Pay Homage:

We needed now to be resolute, to keep our feet pointed in the direction of progress.

Michelle Obama, Becoming


  1. A car does not move without fuel–or charge, if it’s a Tesla.
  2. Faith is a process.
  3. Flourishing is inevitable in 2019.


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